A worn suspension can jeopardize the control of your vehicle. Ride safe and easy with Minute Muffler and Brake.


As your vehicle suspension wears out gradually, you may not notice any problems until the system fails. It's important to have your suspension system checked periodically to ensure your driving comfort and safety.

Steering and Suspension Warning Signs:

A vehicle with defective shock absorbers can take as much as 2.6 metres extra to stop in an emergency - perhaps the difference between driving past an accident or being in one.

  • Your car is hard to steer, the steering system may need lubrication or repair, or there may be a problem with the power steering unit.
  • The steering feels loose, steering linkage parts may be worn.
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side may indicate worn steering or linkage parts, improperly inflated tires, wheels out of alignment or that brakes are dragging.
  • If your steering wheel jerks it could be a loose steering belt, low power steering fluid or a problem with the steering pump.
  • A vibrating steering wheel could mean the tires need balancing or steering parts are worn.

Steering and shock absorbers are vital for safe braking.