Work we've done (64 Photos)

Completed jobs
2017 VelociRaptor, Installed custom Dynomax Cat-back system
Dynomax cat-back system
Custom X-pipe. True flow exhaust system.
Custom X-pipe behind ceramic coated header.
Super Turbo mufflers. Best flow with a deep tone.
Custom Stainless tips.
We make sure the ends match your tastes and are even from side to side.
3" inch exhaust system. For the deep sound and high flow.
High flow custom single exhaust.
Custom exhaust for any vehicle.
Trust your vehicle to the exhaust and muffler experts.
Custom exhaust. We can fix anything.
Muffler repair the correct way.
Another great job by Minute Muffler.
Roll cage project.
Muscle car owners trust Minute Muffler with their pride and joy.
3" exhaust with super turbos!
Stainless exhaust tips installed the way you want.
The lower turbo down pipe by Minute Muffler, the upper from a on-line kit.
Even exhaust systems deserve to look good.
This 5" inch exhaust fit good after we customized it.
Minute Muffler built 5" exhaust first!
Diesel Power!
5" exhaust. Minute Muffler makes it fit like it should.
5" exhaust. Maximum power right from the turbo.